Mar 8, 2018

Alpine sets the PACE!

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There’s positive news if you live in the Alpine Shire and have a heart or lung health condition. Alpine Health have partnered with local healthcare providers Equilibre Health, Kiewa Valley Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy, and Ovens Valley Physio and Pilates, to establish a new program: PACE (Pulmonary and Cardiac Exercise and Education).

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PACE Nurse Coordinator, Roslyn Bloomer, said “The PACE program is designed to help local people with heart and lung conditions to improve their health.  This is done by providing individual assessment, education, exercise classes and home-based exercise plans.”

Fiona Miller, Physiotherapist, said “The PACE team will work with each participant to ensure their individual goals are met so that they improve not only their heart or lung health, but their general health and quality of life. Another benefit we hope we will see is that by becoming more active and informed about their health, people who participate in the PACE program may avoid the need to have unplanned Emergency Department visits or hospital admissions.”

PACE is strongly recommended if you have a heart or lung condition. Exercise Physiologist, Leeah Cooper, said “At PACE you will receive personalised advice and support to find more enjoyment in day to day activities, to feel more confident, to recover sooner and to prevent health problems in the future.”

Physiotherapist, Julie Blake, notes “PACE is conducted and supervised by professionals, including nurses, exercise physiologists and physiotherapists. Programs like PACE are implemented worldwide by skilled health professionals. These programs are well recognised by doctors such as respiratory specialists and cardiologists as detailed research has shown that by completing the programs, participants can significantly improve their quality of life.”

Alpine Health CEO, Lyndon Seys, said “Alpine Health has been able to establish the PACE program as a result of the Murray PHN’s Investing in Primary Care funding. This program is important because, in the Alpine Shire, rates of heart and lung disease are higher than National averages and the outcomes for people in our community, like many other rural communities, are not as positive as for those living in more urbanised areas. These are key issues that have been raised in our service planning consultations and we know that our community wants services such as cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation to be provided locally. The PACE program allows Alpine Health to partner with the Murray PHN and our local healthcare providers to deliver these important community services.”

The PACE program commences on the 13th of March. Roslyn Bloomer, PACE Nurse Coordinator, states “PACE will operate in Mount Beauty on a Monday, Bright on a Wednesday and Myrtleford on a Thursday every week.”

Roslyn advises that anyone who has a heart or lung condition should speak with their doctor, specialist or other health professional to see if they should attend this program. “In setting up the PACE program, we’ve had terrific support from our local medical centres in Myrtleford, Bright and Mount Beauty, other health professionals and our regional hospitals. The PACE program will work closely with participants’ GPs, specialists and other health professionals to ensure that the whole multidisciplinary team works together to provide each participant with the best care for them so that they get the positive results they are after.”

People interested in the PACE program can find out more by discussing it with their doctor, specialist or other health professional, or by calling the PACE Nurse Coordinator, Roslyn Bloomer, on 03 5754 3595, or emailing

Download PACE Brochure