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      Date: Feb  6, 2017
     Title: Board of Management  - Vacancies
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Applications are open from interested persons who have a commitment to excellence in public healthcare and feel they can contribute to the governance of our organisation, for positions as voluntary members of the Board of Management.

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Although we seek to have a balance of skills across the Board, membership is not restricted to those with experience of one or more of the following:

asset management, clinical governance, community services, corporate communications, corporate governance, executive management, finance or audit, human resource management, information communications technology, law, risk, user perspective and registered provider.

Alpine Health is committed to ensuring their board and committees reflect the composition of the Victorian community. This includes appropriate representation of women, indigenous, young people, those living with a disability or mental illness, LGBTI community and the culturally diverse community.


Further information may be obtained by contacting the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lyndon Seys on (03) 57519344.

For more information including how to apply, please visit

Applicants close at midnight Sunday 19 February 2017.


Lyndon Seys

Chief Executive Officer