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Aged Care


Alpine Health is a state and federal funded public health service agency incorporated as a multipurpose service under the Victorian Health Services Act, 1988.  It has three main sites located in the townships of Bright, Mount Beauty and Myrtleford.  Alpine Health provides a total of 164 flexible care places which are configured according to community need with 34 being for acute care and flexible high care; 90 residential aged care beds, and 40 community aged care packages that are managed by the primary and community care team. 

The organisation was established in November 1996 through the amalgamation of three rural hospitals and residential facilities – Bright District Hospital and Health Services, Tawonga District General Hospital, Myrtleford District War Memorial Hospital, Barwidgee Lodge and Kiewa Valley House nursing homes, Hawthorn Village Hostel and Myrtleford extended care accommodation centre.


Bright District Hospital and Health Services

Bright District Hospital was officially opened on 3 May 1988, following the construction and occupation of the new hospital building.  Prior to this, the old Bright Bush Nursing Hospital had been the local hospital since 1940.  It was first accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards in 1992, and again in 1995 for a period of three years.

The Bright District Hospital and Health Services has 9 beds, which provides flexibility for surgical, medical, palliative care, maternity, and after hours emergency care services.

Hawthorn Village is a 40 bed residential aged care service, with a common lounge, dining and diversional therapy areas.  

Hawthorn Close consists of 6 independent living units.


Mount Beauty District Hospital.

The origins of the Tawonga District General Hospital go back to 1949 when a building was transported from Bonegilla and erected on the site opposite the Bogong Hotel.  In 1960 a two-storey building was purchased from the SEC and renovations commenced to convert the building into a hospital.

The hospital was transferred to the Hollonds Street site in 1961, and officially opened as an 18 bed facility.  Major redevelopment works began in 1999 and were completed in June 2001. 

The Mount Beauty District Hospital has 10 beds, which provides care for medical, surgical, maternity, palliative care and after hours emergency care services.  

Kiewa Valley House is a 20 bed residential aged care service.


Myrtleford District War Memorial Hospital

Whilst there has been a hospital in Myrtleford since the 1850’s, the public hospital known as the Myrtleford District War Memorial Hospital commenced operations on 30 November, 1959.

The impetus for the modern hospital facility was coupled with the urge to provide the town with a permanent memorial to Myrtleford and district military service personnel from the two world wars.  The facilities include beds for acute care, residential aged care – Barwidgee Lodge, independent living units and Alpine Leisure Groups.  Major redevelopment works were completed during 2002.

The Myrtleford and District War Memorial Hospital has 15 beds which provides care for medical, surgical, palliative care, maternity, and after hours emergency care services.

Barwidgee Lodge is a 30 bed residential aged care service.

QEII units consists of 8 independent living units.


Respite care

All three residential care facilities provide respite care to offer a ‘break’ for carers in their carer role and daily responsibilities.  Those who are in our ‘care’ for a period of time are included in the activities of each facility with the residents, and receive the care and support they need during their ‘respite stay’.

Provision is made for respite beds to be available for short-term accommodation.  This ideally is done on a ‘book in’ basis to allow some carer respite, but emergency care can at times be considered.  A separate agreement exists for ‘respite only’ residents.


Primary and Community Care

This program develops and delivers a well-planned and co-ordinated range of community based services and health promotion to meet the needs of the communities of alpine shire and adjacent townships.  This program promotes a continuum of care for all clients through the delivery of a broad range of services by a multidisciplinary team from Alpine Health’s three sites.  These include:

  • Administrative support and ongoing service development
  • Allied Health support for patients and residents through allied health assistants and brokering of allied health professionals.
  • Diabetes Education
  • Dietetic services
  • District Nursing Services (DNS) – across the three townships
  • Flexible Care Packages – 15 high care and 25 low care(  Explain)
  • Palliative Care Volunteers
  • Planned Activity Groups – through the Alpine Leisure Groups  (ALG) in each township


Alpine Health provides a Residential Services Information Booklet.

This document includes the following information:

* About Alpine Health
* Accommodation offered
* The Resident Agreement
* General Information
* Other services
* Charter of Residents' Rights and Responsibilities.