Untitled document Alpine Health and Murray Primary Health Network would like you to help us plan health services in Alpine Shire by completing the Alpine Health Community Priorities Health Survey 2018.

Get involved and have your say!

Tell us what matters to you about your health and the health services in the Alpine Shire by the 25th May 2018.

Take the Survey
Your responses will be combined with those of others living in the Alpine Shire, to give us a picture of the opinions of Alpine Shire residents about current and future health services. This information is a vital part of our work in planning for the future.

We encourage you to fill in the survey electronically however hard copies of the survey will be distributed to households in the Alpine Shire through the mail and will be available at presentations throughout the community.

Paper surveys

  • If you would prefer to complete a paper survey, then please send back to Alpine Health as follows:
  • In the Reply Paid envelope provided with the Paper Survey
  • Collection boxes provided at Alpine Health sites and in the community
  • To your CHAG representatives
  • Please complete one survey per person only.


Who do we want to hear from?

The Alpine Shire community is very broad and includes;

  • every household within the Alpine Shire
  • young people under 18yrs
  • community members who work or volunteer in the Alpine Health area
  • regular visitors such as non-resident ratepayers and tourists


Health Service Planning

The Health Service Plan is a high level, strategic document effectively telling the story of what needs to be done in the next five years and why. The Health Service Plan aligns health service delivery with community needs and provides the evidence of community need backed up by research and consultation. It is also an important plan to align Alpine Health with State and Federal health priorities. Consultation is critical to shaping and informing the strategic directions for Alpine Health.

By focusing on Service delivery, the Service Plan will build on the past gains in overall health and service improvement.  Alpine Health wants to understand what really matters to our community in the future.  This information guides Alpine Health on where to invest and shape the best possible services and infrastructure to meet those community needs.


Health Service Plan Development

The stages in the development of the Health Service Plan are:

  • Research and data collection (in conjunction with Murray Primary Health Network and DHHS)
  • Community, stakeholder and staff consultation (closely working with Community and Health Advisory Groups)
  • Development of a Draft Service Plan
  • Testing and refining the Draft Service Plan
  • Final Service Plan to board for approval


Consultation Phase

Over the coming months, consultations will be happening in the community and cover a range of activities including:

  • a community-wide health survey distributed in printed and electronic format to ensure we collect information from a diverse range of community members
  • Face to face meetings; key person interviews, peer interviews
  • Focus group meetings
  • Attending/presenting at meetings of existing community groups
  • Community meeting
  • Written feedback on the draft plan



If you would like an interpreter please contact the Community Participation Officer, Kate Duff on 03 5755 0131 to arrange.



If you have questions about the Health Service Plan, Consultation Phase or the Health Survey please contact Roma Vaccaro on 03 5751 9300 or info@alpinehealth.org.au.