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Patients & Visitors


At Alpine Health we realise that a stay in hospital can be a trying and stressful experience for our patients and their families. We are committed to providing the best patient experience in the region.

Patient Choices

When you are admitted to an Alpine Health Hospital for care, you may choose to be admitted as a private patient or a public patient. Your choice is respected by staff and your doctor.

To be admitted as a private patient means:

  • All of the medical costs associated with your treatment will be met by Medicare, your Private Health Insurance Fund and Alpine Health. There will be no "out of pocket" expenses or compulsory excess payments
  • You will be treated by the doctor of you choice
  • You will be admitted to a private room (if available)
  • All of your accounts will be directed to Alpine Health
  • Alpine Health (with your consent) will claim your medical costs and will pay the balance of amounts owing
  • As a private patient you will be supporting Alpine Health to provide a high standard of health services

To be admitted as a public patient means:

  • You will be treated by doctors engaged by Alpine Health
  • You will incur no costs from Alpiine Health as a public in-patient

Urgent Care Services Consultations

If you require an initial medical consultation in the Urgent Care Services area, this will be billed privately to you from the treating doctor. Alpine Health does not have funded Urgent Care Services.

Medicare Ineligible Patients

Overseas patients, from countries that do not have Reciprocal Health Agreement with Australia, are not eligible for Medicare and, therefore, are responsible for paying for the cost of their care.

For more information please download the brochure - Medicare Ineligible Patients

Keeping Patients Safe

Hand Hygiene contributes significantly to keeping patients safe. Improving Hands Hygiene is one of the most effective way of preventing and reducing the spread of health care associated infections.

Our hands may look clean, but? many germs may be still present which could transmit disease. Alcohol Based Hand Rub is effective against many types of bacteria and viruses, which are invisible to the naked eye.

To offer the best protection to everyone we recommend that you use the alcohol based hand rub (KLEER) regularly whilst in a hospital. It is located near reception and throughout the hospitals.

To download a Hand Hygiene information brochure click here.