Perioperative Services

photo of a group of surgeons in surgery gownsAlpine Health provides high quality elective surgery and the highest standard of patient care, customer service and professional competency.

All of the procedural work is performed by General Practitioners and Visiting Surgeons credentialed by the Board of Management.

What does "Perioperative" Mean?

Perioperative means the experience the patient has whilst in the operating complex covering before, during and after surgery.

Perioperative Services

The Perioperative services consists of three procedural rooms, one at each site, three post anaesthetic care units (PACU) one at each site, and one central sterilising department at the Mt Beauty site which provides sterilising services to all of Alpine Healthphoto of surgeons and an anesthetist at work

Surgical procedures performed

Minor General surgery
Minor Gynaecological surgery
Endoscopy procedures
Pain management interventions.

Your doctor will discuss the payment options with you prior to surgery.

The Perioperative Team

From the time a patient enters the operating suite, until the time they leave, they are cared for by specialized nursing and medical staff.

Perioperative Services Manager (PSM) - The PSM coordinates the perioperative services at all three sites.

Anaesthetic Nurse - welcomes you to the unit and assists the anaesthetist to care and monitor your condition before, during, and immediately after the anaesthetic is given. At the conclusion of the surgery, the nurse assists the Anaesthetist to reverse the effects of anaesthesia and accompanies you and the anaesthetist to the recovery room.

Scrub Nurse - is the nurse who has the responsibility of ensuring that all equipment needed to carry out your surgical procedure is available.

Scout Nurse - works closely with the scrub nurse and assists to ensure that the surgeon and scrub nurse have all the equipment needed to perform the surgery efficiently and safely.

Recovery Room Nurse - on completion of the anaesthetic and surgical procedure you are transferred to the recovery room. The recovery room nurse will closely monitor and care for you.

Information for Day Patient / Overnight Stay Patient

This information is intended for patients who are being admitted to Alpine Health to have an operation or procedure.

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