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Staff and Family Benefits

Salary Sacrifice

Alpine Health offers all permanent full and part-time staff members the opportunity to salary sacrifice.

Salary sacrificing is a process whereby you can, under an arrangement with Alpine Health, agree to receive part of your gross salary as a non-cash benefit rather than as salary. The non cash benefit is paid out of your pre-tax salary, allowing your gross salary to be reduced by the cost of your benefit, reducing your income tax payable.

You can salary sacrifice up to 30% of your base annual salary, reducing your taxable income by this amount (where no FBT applies). You can also elect to contribute an additional 20% towards superannuation making it possible to sacrifice up to 50% of your base salary.

Salary Sacrifice funds can be paid towards: housing loans, car loans, personal loans, credit card payments, superannuation and meal entertainment


Extended Assistance Program

Alpine Health offers an extensive Extended Assistance Program to staff members, their families, and volunteers of the organisation.

We firmly believe that for staff and volunteers to make a productive and lasting contribution to Alpine Health their personal health and wellbeing, and that of their immediate families, needs to be well balanced.

To support this, Alpine Health has established an Extended Assistance Program that supports individuals experiencing personal problems or work difficulties.

The Extended Assistance Program affords individuals:
Personal choice of accredited practitioner / health provider
Alpine Health funded support
A confidential environment to work towards resolving issues
Support to maintain work commitments

Flexible Employment Practices

Alpine Health makes available employment practices that accommodate the personal circumstances and commitments of staff.

Alpine Health negotiates with staff both ongoing and responsive employment arrangements that include:
 Flexible EFT
 Child care
 Dependant care
 48/52 leave

Flexible employment practices are arranged within the limitations of legislation and employment awards.

Relocation and Removal

Alpine Health will support the relocation of newly appointed staff to the Alpine region.

Alpine Health will assist with:
Sourcing of accommodation
 Information regarding your new community and region
Spousal requirements including:
Support in finding employment
Engagement with community