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Applicant Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in applying for a position with Alpine Health. These guidelines provide an overview of Alpine Health's recruitment process.


New Staff members will be required to show serological evidence of disease immunity as per their staff category to be considered for interview

Selection Process

The selection process usually involves a written application, interview process, reference checking, and on occasions a second interview. This process is undertaken by a selection panel, generally comprising three members.


Role Description

This document details the purpose, functions, key challenges, strategy and key result areas of the job. The role description aims to give applicants a strong sense of what the job entails and an understanding of the organisational environment in which the job is placed.

The role description details the selection criteria on which your application will be assessed. Alpine Health will assess applications against the following areas outlined within the role description:

  • Key Qualities
  • Key Challenges
  • Strategy and Key Result Areas


Written Application

The purpose of the written application is to convince the selection panel of your suitability for the role.? Your application will be assessed by each panel member and rated accordingly. Applicants with the highest ratings will be deemed suitable for an interview.

Alpine Health has a specific interest in two areas of the application stage. Firstly, the applicants response to Alpine Health's Key qualities (personal attributes of importance) and secondly the manner in which an applicant views the Key Challenges, and Strategy and Key Result Areas detailed within the role description.

It is recommended that applicants include the following information within the written application.

  • Alpine Health 'Application for Employment' form
  • Covering letter of introduction
  • Statement in brief (1 to2 pages) detailing:
    how your experience, abilities and knowledge would allow you to successfully meet the key challenges , strategy and result areas of the role description

your alignment with Alpine Health's key qualities as detailed within the role description

  • A resume or curriculum vitae outlining your qualifications, professional affiliations, registrations, employment history
  • Names and contact details of 2 current / recent professional referees



Alpine Health primarily uses behavioural interviewing to assess the suitability of candidates. Behavioural questioning allows applicants to demonstrate their suitability through illustrating examples of their work practice, approaches and success. Behavioural interview questions are often asked in the following way:

  • Describe a situation where ......
  • Can you think of an example ......
  • Explain an instance where ......
  • Tell me about a time where ......
  • Provide details of ......

The interview process is discussion based, allowing candidates the opportunity to support their application by putting forward the range of thoughts, practices and initiatives that have shaped their career and life experiences.

The selection panel will prepare a series of questions that will be put equally to each candidate. The questions will be based on the selection criteria. Alternatively, the selection panel may request of candidates to prepare a presentation for the panel that addresses the selection criteria. In this case, candidates will be informed of this requirement prior to the interview.


Referee Checks

The nominated referees of preferred candidates will be contacted to verify candidate information gathered during the selection process. It is important that you nominate referees who are able to discuss your suitability in relation to the selection criteria. Information provided by your referee will be used to inform the selection panels' selection decision.


Criminal Records Checks

The successful candidate is required to undertake or present a current (dated within 12 months) Criminal Records Check (Police Check). Finding of a record does not necessarily exclude the recommended candidate from appointment. The expense associated with Criminal Records Check will be met by Alpine Health.

A Working with Children Check will be a requirement of employment should the role fall within the definition of 'child-related work' as defined within the Working with Children Act 2005, or were Alpine Health policy deems appropriate.


Personal Probity Check

The successful candidate is required to provide Alpine Health with original documentation of registrations and qualifications relevant to the role. Additionally, roles with a financial emphasis require the candidate to furnish Alpine Health with a personal financial probity declaration.


After the Selection Process

Following the appointment of the selected candidate, all applicants will be notified in writing of the selection outcome.Applicants are welcome to seek feedback on their application / interview by contacting Alpine Health.