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Maternity Services 

Pregnancy Care

Team Midwife/GP Shared Care

In this model a small team of midwives provides choice for antenatal care for women experiencing normal "low risk' pregnancy.

The first antenatal appointment is attended by a doctor in his/her rooms; all other pregnancy appointments can be arranged with a midwife or / GP, depending on your care needs and your choice. Care can be shared between the midwife and GP. Should a complication occur, your care team can arrangearrange to refer you to a specialist doctor. 

During your pregnancy visits your midwife or GP will;

Follow up and discuss any tests you have had
Check your health (e.g. blood pressure)
Talk about any concerns and answer your questions
Check how your baby is growing
Help you prepare for the birth and post natal period after birth.

Pregnancy education classes conducted by a midwife are available at your birthing hospital. These classes are aimed at preparing you and your partner and/or support person is for labour, birth and early parenting.