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Privacy Information

We are committed to providing our patients, residents and other consumers with a quality service that protects your privacy.


We shall do this by complying with all Victorian legislation relating to the confidentiality and privacy of all who interact with us.

We are required by law to protect personal and confidential information such as information relating to your health, care and treatment, and other personal details. (Health Services Act 1988 (Vic), and the Health  Records Act 2001 Vic) .

In valuing your privacy we only collect personal and sensitive information that is essential for us to provide treatment and care. This means that your health record is maintained by us, and may be accessed by, or shared with other health professionals in the course of tests and care planning, and your confidentiality will be maintained.


Alpine Health will collect information that is essential for us to provide treatment and care. Your next of kin, or nominated carer, may be involved in your care planning unless you choose otherwise. We will collect information where it is necessary to

  • Inform health care practitioners in the diagnosis and management of that  individual's conditions;
  • Adapt and manage Alpine Health's services and resources to suit the needs of the community;
  • Provide appropriate reports to the State and Federal Government; or
  • Assist in planning and managing Alpine Health facilities.

And where at least one of the following applies

  • The individual has consented;
  • The collection of the information is required, authorised or permitted, whether expressly or by implication, by, or under law;
  • The information is necessary for the provision of a health service to the individual and the individual is incapable of giving consent; and
  • It is not reasonably practical to obtain the consent of an authorised representative of the individual; or
  • The individual does not have an authorised representative.


The discharge planning process will involve disclosure of personal information to relevant health care professionals.

Your nominated doctor may receive a copy of the discharge summary, which includes information about you, your condition, treatment, medications, and any special instructions.


You have the right to look at any information we hold about you in our records, except where this information may unreasonably disclose details and information relating to others, or where the information would otherwise be exempt from disclosure by law.

You may authorise us in writing to release your health information to another individual or an organisation.

Alpine Health will ensure that any suspected infringements of privacy are thoroughly investigated and addressed.


All medical records are retained in a secure environment, and are disposed of according to the General Retention and Disposal Authority for Public Health Services Patient Information Records Standard, and the Health Records Act. 2001 (Vic).

If you:

  • Want to have access to health information we hold about you
  • Believe information we hold about you is inaccurate and would like to request that it be amended
  • Want to know more about the type of information we hold, for what purposes and how we deal with that information, or have concerns that your privacy rights may have been infringed

Contact Alpine Health Chief Executive Officer (03) 5751 9300