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Improving attitudes to adolescent alcohol use

In 2017 CTCA also became a Local Drug Action Group overseeing the CTCA priorities around decreasing  adolescent alcohol use, which includes The Smart Generation social marketing program, Supply Monitoring and lobbying council to amend its local alcohol by-laws in line with the rest of Victoria.

The Smart Generation

The Smart Generation program aims to optimise adolescent development by helping communities to work together to delay young people from drinking alcohol until they turn 18 or reduce the amount they are currently drinking.

Social marketing is delivered through schools and in the home to change awareness, attitudes, intention and behaviour of both parents and young people around alcohol use. 

Through educational brochures, class lessons and school newsletter articles, this process communicates messages about the importance of delaying alcohol use for as long as possible. A crucial part of the program is encouraging parents and children to agree on household rules and standards around alcohol use. The social marketing activities also educates parents, students and the school community about secondary supply legislation.  

Supply Monitoring

Supply monitoring involves auditing sales of alcohol at packaged liquor outlets and collecting data on how often outlets sell alcohol to a person who looks under 18.

The aim is to improve outlet practices to adhere to liquor licensing laws regarding alcohol supply to people under the age of 18 and raise community awareness and support for reducing access to alcohol by minors.

Local By-Laws

CTCA is lobbying council to request an amendment to sections 8 and 9, Local Law. 2 Municipal Places (2012) and propose a ban on the consumption of alcohol in all public places. 

Alpine Shire is currently inviting submissions from the community on our draft Community Local Law, which is on exhibition between 14th November 2018 - 21 December 2018.

This aligns directly with the Alpine Shire Council Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing 2017-2021 Action Plan which acknowledges the negative impacts of alcohol on our community and states that it is one of the council’s priorities to reduce the incidence of alcohol and other drug related harm.

For more information

Please contact your local school for more information or contact:

Lisa Neville  - CTCA Coordinator

Phone: 03 5755 0132


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