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Communities that Care Alpine (CTCA)

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Alpine Shire Youth Strategy 2022 - 2024 (Phase 4)

This inaugural Alpine Shire Youth Strategy (the Youth Strategy) 2022-2024 sets the direction for the next three years, guiding Communities that Care Alpine (CTCA) and it's partners' efforts to cultivate resilience, wellbeing and opportunities for young people and their families in the Alpine Shire.

The Youth Strategy establishes a clear focus for CTCA and identifies CTCA's role, priorities, and initiatives to create the greatest positive impact for young people in Alpine Shire. 

The Youth Strategy covers young people aged from 12 years to 25 years who work, live, learn and play in Alpine Shire and:

  • is a whole of community strategic document
  • will address the needs and social development of young people with an inclusive and intersectional approach
  • recognises that family, peers, community, and school are four key pillars that support, enable and influence healthy behaviours

The strategy outlines three priority areas with initiatives dropping out of each priority. The responsibilities and coordination of each initiative are clearly identified.

  • Priority 1: Young people are healthy, well, empowered and safe
  • Priority 2: Young people are flourishing in their chosen passions, goals, and aspirations
  • Priority 3: Young people are celebrated, and have a voice to shape their community

The final stage of Phase 4 is an implementation plan, due in December 2022.

Click to access the Alpine Shire Youth Strategy 2022 - 2024


CTCA relies on funding to operate and gratefully acknowledges support from: 

  • Central Hume Primary Care Partnership (CH PCP),
  • The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR)
  • Alpine Shire Council Youth Services

Alpine Health is the auspice agency for CTCA.

ctca funding partners

About CTCA

CTCA is a community based initiative designed to promote the healthy social development of children and young people. Underpinned by the Social Development Strategy, CTCA aims to improve the lives of children, young people and families living in the Alpine Shire.

There are 5 phases to CTC which use an early intervention and prevention framework to guide communities towards identifying and understanding local needs, setting priorities, and implementing tested effective strategies to address those needs.

Local Drug Action Team

The Alpine Saints Myrtleford Football Netball Club Wellbeing Team, formed in 2021 and is now considered a hub where individuals can access supports and referrals to improve and maintain mental wellness.

In 2022 continuing with the #Bekindtoyourmind Mental Health Football and Netball round, the team expanded their reach to include Myrtleford schools into the program.  CTCA supported schools in Myrtleford to design and deliver events and activities throughout the first week of term 3, 2022.  The CTCA Local Drug Action Team received funding through the Alcohol and Drug Foundation to support events throughout the week.


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