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Partnering with Consumers

Alpine Health is committed to engaging the community to plan and deliver the best health outcomes for the Alpine Shire region.  We do this by working in partnership with consumers and the community in health service policy and planning, care and treatment, decision making and service delivery through our Community and Health Advisory Groups (CHAG's). 

Community and Health Advisory Groups 

Community and Health Advisory Groups (CHAGS) are groups of members representing their local community with the purpose of sharing information and ideas, and to advise the Board of Directors on community issues. The advisory groups have an Executive Officer to assist with administration, communication and promotion.

We have established Community and Health Advisory Groups in Bright, Mount Beauty and Myrtleford. 

Alpine Health's Partnering with Consumers Officer supports the work of the three Community and Health Advisory Groups and leads community engagement within the organization.


What is the role of CHAG?

The Community and Health Advisory Groups are led by community members and their work is focussed on service development based on the principle of meeting local health needs.

The key role of CHAG is to advise the Board of Directors and other agencies on:

  • the health needs of the community and how they might be met;
  • how existing services might be changed or improved to meet these needs;
  • services that people don't need and don't want.

Find out more about CHAG and frequently asked questions


Community Participation Plan


The Community Participation Plan provides a framework for active partnership between Alpine Health, the community, the patient, carer and consumer. The Community Participation Plan also assists Alpine Health to incorporate the guidelines from the following Department of Health directives:

  1. Doing it with us not for us - Strategic direction 2010-2013 (The Department of Health’s consumer, carer and community participation policy)
  2. The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care National Accreditation Standard 2: Partnering with Consumers
  3. The Department of Health’s Cultural Responsiveness Framework The Alpine Health Community Participation Plan incorporating Cultural Responsiveness and Disability Action aim to ensure that the needs of our diverse community are considered in all services, particularly multicultural and indigenous communities and people with a disability. The Alpine Health Disability Action Plan is consistent with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, the Equal Opportunity Act (2010) and the government’s broader social justice policy to reduce barriers faced by disadvantaged groups. It aims to:
  • Reduce barriers to access;
  • Reduce barriers to employment;
  • Promote inclusion and participation; and
  • Achieve tangible changes in attitude.
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