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Consumer Register

Alpine Health has developed a new Consumer Register with the following opportunities:

Consumer Information Advisors

Consumer Information Advisors play an important role in ensuring that our consumer information is easy to find and understand. Consumer Information Advisors work alongside our CHAG members to review or develop consumer fact sheets and information packs that are simple and clear to understand. They may also participate in activities such as wayfinding assessments and website reviews.

Download the Guide for Consumer Information Advisors for further information.

Community Feedback Ambassador

Community Feedback Ambassadors help gather feedback from our community about their experiences with our programs or services. One way, is to support community clients or aged care residents provide feedback through the Care Opinion platform. Another way is to assist with our community consultations that inform our annual priorities, outlined in our Corporate Plan.

Download the Guide for Community Feedback Ambassadors for further information.

Consumer or Community Members on Committees

Consumers or community members can make a positive contribution to Alpine Health by joining a committee. These consumers or community members sit alongside staff members to review and guide program and service planning, development and implementation. They actively participate in committee meetings by bringing their consumer perspective and experiences to the discussion. This will ensure consumer concerns are recognised and addressed, and that Alpine Health is accountable to the community.

Alpine Health has consumers or community members on the following committees:

  • Finance and Audit Committee
  • Quality Committee
  • Population Health Committee
  • Positive Ageing Committee
  • Consumer Experience Committee
  • Food Services Committee
  • Infection Prevention and Control Committee
  • Alpine Institute Committee

Download the Guide for Consumer and Community Members on Committees for further information.


My experience as a community member on a committee

“In my role as a community member on a committee I have been able to make several suggestions which have led to changes in the menu. The most notable was my observation that three high fibre soups three days running would not be great idea for elderly digestions. I also suggested that we taste the food served to the residents and this means we are able to know firsthand if any complaints are justified.  We now have the day’s lunch served to us at each meeting. We have also at my request sampled the Meals On Wheels meals.

Aged care residents are free to report on any aspect of the meals, and they do frequently if it’s not to their liking. There have been many changes in the menu and the deliverance of suitable food for the residents. 

Each month a report is tabled at the committee meeting and adjustments, further training or the need for information is noted. Routine food samples are taken and assessed. There is provision for consumer feedback and any meal which is generally disliked is omitted from the menu. 

I find being a member of this Committee both informative and enjoyable.”

Sue Howard, Community Member on the Food Services Committee




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