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Health Service Planning

The Service Plan sets out Alpine Health’s strategic directions and priorities for the next 5 years from 1 July 2023 – 30 June 2028. It details the level and type of services provided for, and used by the community. 

This is the eighth Service Plan for Alpine Health. Each Service Plan has been themed.

  • Service Plan 4 (2005-2008) Improving Our Health
  • Service Plan 5 (2008-2013) Building for the Future
  • Service Plan 6 (2013-2018) Keeping Local Services Local
  • Service Plan (2018-2023) Investing in Our Health – What Matters
  • Service Plan (2023-2028) Seamless Care across the Customer Journey

The theme for this Service Plan (2023-2028) isSeamless Care across the Customer Journey.

The Service Plan provides the overarching directions and evidence for service development and delivery over the next five years. It will guide the successive development of more detailed annual Corporate Plans and a number of internal plans (workforce, asset management, community development, marketing and information and communications technology for example) for its implementation.

Strategic Priorities

strategic priorities


If you have questions about Service Planning please contact the Office of the CEO on 03 5751 9300 or [email protected].

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