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Health Service Planning

The Service Plan is a high level, strategic document that tells the story of what needs to be done in the next five years and why.

The Service Plan aligns health service delivery with community needs and provides the evidence of community need backed up by research and consultation. It is also important for ensuring services are aligned with State and Commonwealth health priorities. Consultation for the Service Plan is critical to shaping and informing the strategic directions for Alpine Health.

By focusing on service delivery, the Service Plan will build on the past gains in overall health and service improvement.  Alpine Health wants to understand what really matters to our community in the future.  This information guides Alpine Health on where to invest and shape the best possible services and infrastructure to meet those community needs.

Alpine Health’s service model is based on the principle of what matters the most to people and the goal of "keeping local services local". The rationale for this philosophy is that people’s health is best served by meeting their needs and providing services where they live and in their homes.

Our Service Philosophy

In pursuing our role at Alpine Health, all our actions and decisions are guided by the following principles:

  • We recognise the rights, dignity and independence of our clients
  • We recognise that individuals are primarily responsible for improving their own health and well-being
  • We offer service options and choices to people
  • Wherever possible, home service delivery options are preferred over institutional delivery options
  • Local service delivery is preferred over distant service delivery
  • We talk to our communities where they are, listen to and respect what they have to say
  • Responsiveness to the needs of individuals is paramount.

These principles provide guidance to all Alpine Health staff, Board members and other service providers.

Plan Development

The stages in the development of the Health Service Plan are:

  • Research and data collection (in conjunction with Murray Primary Health Network and DHHS)
  • Community, stakeholder and staff consultation (closely working with Community and Health Advisory Groups) 
  • Development of a Draft Service Plan 
  • Testing and refining the Draft Service Plan 
  • Final Service Plan to the Board of Directors for approval 

Consultation Phase

The consultation phase covers a range of activities including:

  • A community-wide health survey distributed in printed and electronic format to ensure we collect information from a diverse range of community members
  • Face to face meetings; key person interviews, peer interviews
  • Focus group meetings
  • Attending/presenting at meetings of existing community groups
  • Community meeting
  • Written feedback on the draft plan


If you have questions about the Health Service Plan please contact the Office of the CEO on 03 5751 9300 or

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