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Healthy Workplaces Achievement Program

Alpine Health is part of a state-wide Healthy Workplaces Achievement Program initiative to support the development of healthy workplaces and workforces.  

The Achievement Program supports an approach to health and well-being across five priority areas:  

Mental Health and Wellbeing

We believe a positive culture around Mental Health and Wellbeing is important to our workplace. To achieve this we;

  • Have established a Mental Health and Wellbeing policy
  • We have conducted mental health first aid training for staff and community
  • Up-skilled our managers in managing workplace mental health
  • Created awareness of the importance of this issue through participation in the RUOK day, 16 Days of Activism, Mental Health Month.


  • Revamped procedure
  • Appointed QUIT educators for staff and consumers
  • Signage audit

Physical Activity

  • Gym memberships
  • Active April
  • Ride to work
  • Option of stand-up desks
  • Walking meetings

Healthy Eating

  • Don’t have vending machines
  • Offer access to meals through our kitchens
  • Serve fruit and healthy options in catering for meetings

Alcohol and other Drugs

Watch this space in 2020

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