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Healthy Workplaces Achievement Program

Alpine Health is part of a state-wide Healthy Workplaces Achievement Program initiative to support the development of healthy workplaces and workforces.  By creating a healthy workplace we are helping our staff make healthier choices, and improving the culture of our organisation.

In 2015, Alpine Health registered with the Healthy Workplaces Achievement Program supported by the Victorian Government and delivered by Cancer Council Victoria. This evidence-based health and wellbeing framework is aligned to the World Health Organization’s model for healthy workplaces. This program is designed to build a healthy work environment and has five health priority areas that we will undertake. 

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Alpine Health has adopted an Employee Health and Wellbeing Charter as a commitment to our work in building a healthy work environment. The Healthy Workplace Working Group has been formed to develop action plans against all health priority areas to support their implementation.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Improving workplace participation and increasing social inclusion can increase wellbeing and productivity. Mentally healthy workplaces have a positive workplace culture, help staff manage stress, support people with mental health conditions and have a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination.

What we are doing
  • Provide training opportunities for staff to support their mental health and wellbeing, and that of their colleagues and the communities in which we work.  This includes:
    • A.L.E.RT. Training (Mental Health training)
    • Mental Health First Aid
    • Prevention of bullying and harassment training
    • Upskilling management in identifying mental health in the workforce
    • Family Violence prevention training (Identifying Family Violence Awareness training and Bystander Training)
  • Established a Mental Health and Wellbeing Procedure to provide guidance to all staff relating to the maintenance of a mentally healthy workplace.
  • We talk to our workforce to help us understand their needs regarding mental health and wellbeing to guide our response and activities to support a mentally healthy workplace.
  • We offer opportunities that encourage direct participation from staff to build a culture that supports mental health and wellbeing, including: 
Achieved Recognition

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Reducing smoking rates among staff and promoting a smokefree workplace helps protect the entire workforce from the harms of tobacco smoke, and can improve staff morale and health. Alpine Health supports a smokefree environment by having clear procedures, education, and resources to help assist smoking cessation.

What we are doing
  • Employ Smoking Cessation Workers to support people to cease smoking – workforce and community.
  • Make available Quit information packs on all wards, residences and in program areas.
  • Maintain an environment that is smoke-free. This includes all buildings, and vehicles owned or operated by Alpine Health.  Smoking is prohibited within 4 metres of Alpine Health facilities and grounds. 
  • Provide support to patients who currently smoke by following the Supporting Patients to be Smoke Free ABCD protocol AAH approach to smoking cessation (Ask, Advise & Help) A – Ask B – Brief intervention CD – Communicate on Discharge
  • Offering Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), available free for all inpatients during their stay. 
Achieved Recognition

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Physical Activity

Physical activity reduces the risk of serious chronic illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Regular physical activity improves blood pressure, cholesterol and cardiovascular fitness and improves mental health. Alpine Health supports staff to be physically active by creating an infrastructure and culture that celebrates physical movement and reduces sedentary behaviour.

What we are doing
  • Created a Physical Activity Procedure
  • Providing access to standing desks within all office environments
  • Established discounted corporate gym memberships and physical activity classes for Alpine Health staff
  • Promote access to community based physical activity groups and opportunities
  • Implementing secure bike racks at each site
  • Creating awareness around the benefits of physical activity through encouraging participation in National and State-based initiatives, including:
    • Premier’s Active April
    • Ride to Work Day
    • Steptember
  • Encouraging physical activity during work hours through lunchtime walking groups and walking meetings.
Achieved Recognition

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Healthy Eating

A healthy diet helps maintain a healthy weight, boost energy, supports the immune system and reduces the risk of chronic disease. Alpine Health is conscious of creating a healthy eating culture where access to healthy and nutritious food is encouraged, areas are provided for food preparation, and staff are encouraged to bring healthy lunches.

What we are doing
  • Provide affordable healthy and nutritious food options for staff through our kitchens
  • Employ a Dietitian to support the provision of healthy and nutritious food within Alpine Health
  • Developed a healthy eating procedure to support staff in making good choices around food
  • Promote healthy eating options for catering services
  • Provide staff access to filtered and free water
  • Discontinued the regular purchase of bottled water
  • Make space available for breastfeeding mothers

Coming soon in 2020

Alcohol and other Drugs

Unhealthy alcohol and drugs use is linked to serious health issues including addiction and cancer, and can affect workplace productivity through absenteeism, lateness, staff turnover, accidents and reduced performance. Alcohol and drug abuse can also affect staff morale and health. Alpine Health supports healthy alcohol and drug behaviour by having clear procedures and providing education opportunities to staff.

What we are doing
  • Developing procedures to support healthy alcohol and drug choices
  • Providing access to guidelines and resources that encourage the responsible use of alcohol
  • Provide access to counselling and support to staff, their families, and volunteers experiencing difficulties with alcohol and drugs
  • Participate in community activities that raise awareness about the harmful use of alcohol and drugs including:
    • Febfast
    • DryJuly
    • International Overdose Awareness Day

Coming soon in 2020


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