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The Urgent Care Clinics at Bright Hospital , Mt Beauty Hospital and Myrtleford Hospital are open 24/7 for immediate needs. If it is an emergency please call 000 or go to the nearest Emergency Department in Wangaratta or Wodonga or present to your local Urgent Care Clinic.


All residents have safely returned to Kiewa Valley House and Acute services at Mt Beauty are commencing and will be providing a full service towards the end of the week. Residents of Hawthorn Village will be returning towards the end of week with Acute services to follow.


The current aim is for home care services to return to normal in the Alpine Shire from Monday, provided it is safe and appropriate to do so. Fire conditions will continue to be monitored and any further changes communicated to recipients as required.


The PACE program will be running a modified program from Monday 20th January, The PACE team will be in touch with participants.


 P2 / N95 face masks are available for the community from Alpine Health Urgent Centres.  

Last updated 15 January 2020

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