Thankyou Alpine Health Staff
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Thankyou to all Alpine Health staff

Well, what a start to 2020 we have had!  Bushfires threatening our towns, communities and Alpine Health’s facilities and services, evacuation of Bright hospital, Hawthorn Village, Mount Beauty hospital and Kiewa Valley house.  Not to mention the disruption to services we provide to clients living in their homes in both the Alpine and Indigo shires.

Many of you continued to provide outstanding care to our clients, residents and patients in extremely difficult and challenging circumstances whilst your own properties were in danger.  The dedication of all staff throughout this bushfire season has been outstanding and I, together with the entire Board, say “thank you” for your outstanding contribution and dedication ensuring the safety and care of our clients remained the number one priority.  To those employees who travelled to Myrtleford, Wodonga and Benalla from your normal place of work to continue to care for our residents, a special “thank you” as we know that this would have been tiring and stressful.   Another “thank you” also goes to the Essential Services staff who cleaned the facilities whilst they were vacant, never a pleasant job but one which is appreciated greatly, as well as the staff who stayed to ensure our Urgent Care remained open in the event of an incident and carried out other duties.

The Board also wishes to acknowledge and thank the Admin staff and Management teams who kept the wheels rolling, kept the Department informed, and answered endless enquiries from the general public and concerned friends and relatives of residents.

I have not been able to mention every group in our organisation however this “thank you” goes to everyone and every part of our organisation.  We are fully aware that each and every one of you placed the importance of the care of our patients, residents and clients as your first priority.

Now that things are returning to normal, the Board and Management turn its focus to our planning sessions in preparation of the annual Corporate Plan.  The ongoing recovery from the Bushfires will feature heavily including issues such as mental health, improvement of facilities and service delivery.


Christine Walker

Chair Board of Directors


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