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Alpine Health’s Pulmonary and Cardiac Exercise & Education (PACE) program receives national recognition

17 August 2022

Pictured from Left to Right: Roslyn Bloomer (PACE Nurse Coordinator, Alpine Health), Fiona Miller (Physiotherapist, Kiewa Valley Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy), Julie Blake (Physiotherapist, Ovens Valley Physio and Pilates), Absent Leeah Cooper (Exercise Physiologist, Equilbre Health)

Representatives from Alpine Health’s PACE program were invited to speak at the Australian Cardiovascular and Rehabilitation Association (ACRA) conference in the Gold Coast last week and were awarded the prize for excellence in Clinical Practice.

The PACE team spoke on how they were able to innovate and adapt their provision of services to improve heart and lung health outcomes for the Alpine communities in the wake of the 2019-20 Black Summer Bushfires.

After being nominated by the ACRA scientific committee as one of the top four in their field the team were invited to speak at the conference where they were selected as the winners of the Clinical Practice Prize by the international guest speaker and Cardiologist, Dr Kelly McCants.

PACE has been developed by Alpine Health and Murray PHN in partnership with Equilibre Health, Kiewa Valley Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy and Ovens Valley Physio and Pilates.

The program is designed to help local people with heart and lung conditions to improve their health through individually tailored assessment, education, exercise classes and home-based activity plans.

Nick Shaw, Alpine Health CEO said ”PACE is unquestionably a wonderful model of health promotion and health improvement, the success of this program is a reflection of the relationships the team has built within Alpine Health and the wider community.”

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