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Communities that Care Alpine (CTCA)

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Organisations and community groups within the Alpine Shire have come together to create Communities that Care Alpine (CTCA).  Communities that Care Alpine is community based initiative designed to promote the healthy social development of children and young people.

Alpine Health is the auspice agency for Communities that Care Alpine.  Communities that Care Alpine has a governance structure which consists of two bodies; a Community Board and a Key Leaders Group.

CTCA have developed a Community Action Plan  that tackles the risk factors identified through a community Youth Survey.

The Youth Survey is administered to students attending local primary and secondary schools. The survey is suitable for students in Grade 5 through to Year 12. The survey has been designed to provide a snapshot of issues for young people, particularly in the areas of substance abuse, antisocial behaviour, youth violence and mental health. It also investigates risk and protective factors for these health and problem behaviours within the domains of community, school, family and peer/individual.

The key priorities identified through the Youth Survey and developed within within the Community Action Plan are;​

CTCA Key Priorities

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