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Active Living

Active living is one of the key actions to increase overall wellbeing and prevent chronic disease in the Alpine Shire. Our health promotion work involves creating supportive environments in the community which make being physically active an easier choice.

What we do

Alpine Health is a partner in the ‘Alpine Active Living’ working group whose aim is to implement the recommendations of the Alpine Active Living Mapping Project 2018. This includes:

  • promoting existing events and free, family oriented activities & facilities;
  • developing resources to promote existing walking and cycling paths;
  • support sports clubs and workplaces to build healthy environments

In 2019, we are promoting physical activity opportunities in the Shire through the Active April campaign.

View the Calendar of Events in the Alpine Shire

Who we service

Active living initiatives focus on the community as a whole.

How to access

We welcome anyone who is interested in improving their health and wellbeing through physical activity

Katie Murray - Health Promotion Worker

Program Partners

We work alongside the following partners to promote active living within the Alpine Shire:

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