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No ID  - No Sale of Alcohol

10 October 2019

Communities That Care Alpine (CTCA) has recently completed its third round of auditing (bottle shops and liquor outlets) as part of the Smart Generation program and the results show an increase in outlets selling alcohol to young people without checking ID. 

The alcohol monitoring component of the Smart Generation program involves young people aged 18-22, but who look underage, going into local bottle shops to attempt to purchase alcohol without a valid ID. 

This current round of auditing revealed that over 80% of packaged outlets we visited across the Alpine Shire did not check or request an ID at all.  This is an increase from the initial monitoring round held six months earlier, which prompted CTCA to investigate further by contacting the local bottle shops and liquor outlets directly.  We found a consistent message from bottle shops which highlighted the challenges that staff face when asking for ID around their own personal safety and levels of confidence because of abusive customers.

In Victoria it is a requirement to ask for ID if a customer looks under 25 as best practice and to not only check IDs but make sure they are an acceptable form of ID such as an Australian drivers licence or learner permit, proof of age card, keypass card or passport.

One outlet suggested that they should install a huge sign that states – “No ID – No Sale of Alcohol”, but then countered that patrons would go elsewhere because no-one seems to be checking for ID.

Senior Sergeant Doug Incoll said “The results are very disappointing to say the least and it is a timely reminder to reinforce the responsibilities of ALL retail outlets regarding the supplying of liquor to young people. If liquor retail outlets are caught selling liquor to minors then a fine and demerits on their liquor licence will no doubt remind them of their responsibilities.  Legislators clearly take this matter very seriously with the fine for selling alcohol to minors being $1983.00”


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