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16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

16 days of activism 2021

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Alpine Shire Council and Alpine Health are committed to preventing the harms caused by family violence and call on the community to ‘Call it Out’.

‘Gender-based violence’ includes all forms of violence against people based on their gender, or violence that affects people of a particular gender disproportionately. It is most frequently used to describe men’s violence against women.

Family violence involves patterns of coercive, controlling and abusive behaviours inflicted on victim survivors resulting in fear for their own or someone else’s safety and wellbeing. Family violence can take many forms including coercive control, physical, sexual, psychological, emotional and spiritual violence. It also includes financial/economic abuse and technology facilitated abuse. Family violence can occur within a diverse range of family units including:

  • Intimate partners (current or former): married or de facto couples with or without children
  • Other family members; including siblings, step-parents, extended kinship connections
  • Adolescent or adult children and their parents
  • Older people and their adult children, relatives or carers
  • People with disabilities and their relatives or carers.

How you can join our campaign

  • Email Signature Panel: Add the ’16 Days – Respect is …’ banner to your email signature panel
  • Share Alpine Health’s Facebook posts during 16 Days of Activism
  • Be an Active Bystandersee how you can Call it Out
  • Challenge gender stereotypes through books - view age appropriate booklists
  • Throughout the campaign, drop into any Alpine Shire library and participate in the “Respect Is…”  boards, and grab some campaign materials.
  • Most importantly let’s begin the conversation and actions that raise awareness about gender-based violence, challenge discriminatory attitudes and call for improved laws and services and systems to end violence against women.

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