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Interpreter Services

If you or your family have difficulties communicating in English or you use AUSLAN, you are entitled to a professional interpreter free of charge.

We provide interpreters from the following accredited external agencies;

Do you need an interpreter?

Qualified and accredited interpreters are available to assist you and the health care team with communication if you do not speak English as your first language.

It is particularly important to have an interpreter when:

  • You or your family are unable to read or understand information provided to you
  • You or your family are informed of your rights and responsibilities
  • You or your family are required to make significant decisions concerning your lives
  • You or your family receive essential information to inform decision making
  • You or your family are signing an informed consent document

How to access an interpreter

Staff will identify the need for an interpreter and book one for you, but if this has not happened, do not hesitate to ask for this support at any point during your care. 

The service is provided free of charge via telephone or face to face.


Updated 29 November 2022

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