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Patient Choices

At Alpine Health we realise that a stay in hospital can be a trying and stressful experience for our patients and their families. We are committed to providing the best patient experience in the region.

When you are admitted to an Alpine Health Hospital for care, you may choose to be admitted as a private patient or a public patient. Your choice is respected by staff and your doctor.

To be admitted as Public Patient

To be admitted as a public patient means:

  • You will be treated by doctors engaged by Alpine Health,
  • You will incur no costs from Alpine Health as a public in-patient

To be admitted as a Private Patient

As an in-patient of Alpine Health all of the medical costs associated with your treatment will be met by Medicare, your Private Health Insurance fund and Alpine Health with your consent.

  • There will be no "Out of Pocket" expenses or compulsory excess payments
  • You may elect to be treated by the Doctor of your choice who is credentialed by Alpine Health.
  • You will be admitted to a private room (if available).

As a private patient you will be supporting Alpine Health to improve patient services.

Urgent Care Services Consultations

All presentations attended to by a Doctor within the Urgent Care Service are seen as private patients of that Doctor for that occasion of care, and will receive an account from the treating Doctor’s practice.  Payment of this account is the responsibility of the patient.

More information

Alpine Health Patient Choices Brochure

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