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Application process for Aged Care

Accessing information about Aged Care services and information can be confusing and some requirements can take some time to complete. We have simplified the process to help you know where to start and what to do.

Get started

Make an Appointment with the Nurse Unit Manager

Please make an appointment with the Nurse Unit Manager at your preferred site. We will get to know you or your loved one and discuss individual needs and next steps.

Barwidgee Lodge - Myrtleford (03) 5751 9348

Kiewa Valley House - Mt Beauty (03) 5754 3500

Hawthorn Village - Bright (03) 5755 0165

Register with My Aged Care

My Aged Care is the starting point to access Australian Government funded services. To access funded services you will need to: 

Assessments and accessing funding can take some time to process, so we recommend getting started on this as soon as possible.

Contact Services Australia

Only complete this form if you own your home and don’t get a means-tested income support payment from us.

The income and assets assessment is used to determine if you are eligible to receive assistance with your accommodation costs from the Australian Government and if you need to pay a means-tested care fee.

This process can take some time and we urge you to do this as early as possible.

To ask for an assessment complete the;

Online form Residential Aged Care Calculation of your cost of care form (SA457)

Printed booklet:  Please ask for a hard copy of the Assessment form from the Nurse Unit Manager.

Next steps



From time to time, we do experience a wait list for placement. You will be advised on a regular basis on the status of your application from the Nurse Unit Manager of the Residential Aged Care facility.


Once a place has been allocated, we will need to:

  • obtain some personal information to help us develop a care plan that meets your needs.
  • give you the Resident Agreement for you to fill in and review with your family/carers
  • if relevant, check that you've got your income and assets assessment underway with Services Australia.


On admission to our aged care facilities, we will spend some time getting to know you or your loved one.

Before you arrive you will be given a list of things to bring and a booklet of information on how things work.

Important things to know

Charter of Aged Care Rights

Find out more about your rights and responsibilities within a residential care facility by visiting the Department Of Health's  - Charter of Aged Care 

Translated versions of the Charter are also available.

Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning is a process whereby a person in consultation with health care providers, family members and important others, makes decisions about your future health care, should you become incapable of participating in medical treatment decisions.

Advance Care Planning only comes into effect when the resident loses the capacity to make medical treatment decisions. This approach reflects important ethical principles of autonomy, informed consent, dignity and prevention of suffering.

If you would like to speak with an Advance Care Planning consultant to provide you with support and further information, please speak to your Nurse Unit Manager to organise. 

The Victorian Government health.vic website has a range of information on Advance Care Planning including advance care directive forms and instructions for completing them.

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