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Pulmonary and Cardiac Exercise & Education. Helping local people with heart and lung conditions to improve their health.

What is PACE?

The PACE Program offers one on one assessments, education sessions, exercise classes and individual home based exercise plans to improve your health. PACE is conducted by and supervised by health professionals.

Programs like PACE are implemented worldwide by skilled health professionals. These programs are well recognised by doctors such as respiratory specialists and cardiologists. Research has shown that by completing the programs, participants can significantly improve their quality of life.

Who we help

PACE is strongly recommended if you have a heart or lung condition. You will receive personalised advice and support to find more enjoyment in day to day activities, to feel more confident, to recover sooner and to prevent health problems in the future.

How to access

To access the PACE Program you can get a referral from your GP or you can contact the PACE Coordinator directly on;

Contact: Roslyn Bloomer

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0438 384 762


PACE Warm Up Exercises

The following exercises are designed for guidance for PACE participants who have received exercise guidance by a PACE exercise professional. Please ensure you follow instructions for the appropriate level of exertion and any safety precautions set by the PACE team.  
These presentations should be used for information purposes, as part of the comprehensive PACE program. The content should not be considered as individualised medical advice. For specific medical advice please consult your healthcare team. 


Program Partners

This service is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the PHN Program

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