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Myrtleford Hospital

The Myrtleford and District War Memorial Hospital has 15 beds which provides medical, palliative care, domiciliary care, and after hours Urgent Care services.

Surgical Services

There are no surgical services provided at Myrtleford Hospital. We do provide medical procedures such as iron infusions, blood transfusions and other procedures that require a day stay.


We provide a satellite dialysis service at the Myrtleford Hospital for The Royal Melbourne Hospital Kidney Care Service allowing us to provide a local dialysis service for the Alpine Shire community.

The dialysis service runs 3 days per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 7.00am to 8.30pm

More information about Dialysis

Medical Imaging

Northeast Health Wangaratta provides Medical Imaging services from the Myrtleford Hospital as follows;

The service will alternate across Bright and Myrtleford as follows;


9.40am - 3.15pm


9.30am - 3.15pm

Monday 22 January

Monday 5 February

Monday 29 January

Monday 19 February

Monday 12 February

Monday 4 March

Monday 26 February

Monday 18 March

Monday 11 March (PH) no service 


Monday 25 March




10.00am - 3.00pm


9.40am - 3.00pm

Wednesday 31 January

Wednesday 24 January

Wednesday 14 February

Wednesday 7 February

Wednesday 28 February

Wednesday 21 February

Wednesday 13 March

Wednesday 6 March

Wednesday 27 March

Wednesday 20 March

To make an appointment call 03 5722 5001 

NOTE: When calling for an appointment please state you are looking for an appointment in either Bright or Myrtleford to get the earliest appointment date possible.

Urgent Care

The Urgent Care centre at Myrtleford Hospital operates 24 hours a day 7 days per week. This service is led by a clinical team of highly skilled nurses, with private practice On-Call Doctors and other Emergency Service supports. 

We encourage all community members and visitors to seek non-urgent medical advice during business hours from their usual GP. All patients attended by a private practice On-Call Doctor within the Urgent Care Centre will receive an invoice for care from the On Call Doctor.

More information about Urgent Care


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