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Maternity & Newborn Services

nurse with new parent and baby at home

What we do

Alpine Health midwives provide a range of antenatal (before birth) and postnatal (after birth) services to help you with your parenting journey. 

Alpine Health is well prepared for fast unplanned births at each of our three Urgent Care sites in Bright, Myrtleford and Mt Beauty but we do not provide planned birthing services.

Birthing & Early Parenting Classes

There are plenty of reasons to go to Birthing and Early parenting classes before your baby arrives. Apart from informing and equipping you with the knowledge and skills for the best start in your parenting journey, these local classes allow you to connect with other local people in a similar situation and provide up to date information relevant to wherever birthing is planned to occur. Generally, classes are most beneficial when attended between 20 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. 

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Pregnancy / Antenatal Care

  • Birthing at Northeast Health Wangaratta Referral via North East Health Wangaratta
  • Birthing at Albury Wodonga Health or elsewhere- directly from your General Practitioner or Maternity Care provider

Community Antenatal Care – Alpine Health Midwives 

  • Myrtleford Southern Consulting Rooms
  • 30 O’Donnell Ave Myrtelford
  • Thursday’s by appointment
  • Bookings: Maternity Coordinator 0438 754 019
  • Email: [email protected]


Shared Care with Alpine Midwives and Dr Laura Zagorski

  • Mt Beauty – Allied Health
  • 2-8 Hollonds St, Mt Beauty
  • Antenatal checks by appointment
  • Bookings: Phone Maternity Coordinator 0438 754 019
  • Email: [email protected]

Postnatal / Domiciliary (Home Visits)

Alpine Health registered midwives provide in-home postnatal care for mothers and babies for the first week after birth. This includes; 

  • Monitoring the growth and well-being of babies 
  • Recovery of mothers and adjusting to parenthood
  • Advice on feeding
  • Referral to other health care providers for specialised care.
  • Newborn Screening and other blood tests

Birthing services refer Alpine mothers and babies directly to our service.  

Infant Program

  • The Infant Program is a face to face program about Healthy Eating and Active Play during infancy.
  • Four group sessions are offered at around 3, 6, 9 & 12 months of age, in a friendly environment.
  • Access to the ‘My Baby Now’ App is included.
  • More information about the program can be found at Parents - INFANT
How to access the service

Bookings can be made through the Maternity Services Co-ordinator

Maternity Services Co-Ordinator (Tuesday to Thursday)

►Phone:  0438 754 019

►Email: [email protected]

Hospital in the Home

Hospitals refer directly to Alpine Health Maternity services.

Baby Safe Program

Group Sessions for discussion and demonstration of common childhood illness, first aid and CPR.

More information

Maternity Services Co-Ordinator (Tuesday to Thursday)

►Phone:  0438 754 019

►Email: [email protected]

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