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Compliments, Complaints or Suggestions?

Alpine Health would like feedback on your recent experience with our programs or services. Consumers have a unique perspective on the day-to-day running of a health service and how this may have affected your experience. Hearing about this can help us identify how we can improve the care and services we provide.

Your feedback will be handled confidentially by the independent non-profit service Care Opinion Australia. Care Opinion will be in touch to clarify your experience, and with your permission your feedback may then appear anonymously on the Care Opinion website. Care Opinion will ask staff at Alpine Health to respond to the feedback you share but will not reveal your identity.

The Care Opinion platform facilitates transparent, two-way communication between consumers and health services. It can highlight examples of person-centred care as well as identifying opportunities to improve the services and care that Alpine Health delivers.

Thank-you for sharing your experience with us, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Care Opinion 

You can use the following link to submit your feedback:

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