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Hawthorn Village COVID-19 Update

11th June 2020

As directed by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Alpine Health are working to identify, manage and control this outbreak in a safe and timely manner.

Testing on all close contacts including residents and care staff has been completed and results have all been negative. All residents and close contact care staff have been contacted and advised of the results.

Close contacts require a second test to be taken in 4-5 days and are to remain in quarantine until the results of the second test are returned.

There are still broader staff and community test results to come back in this week, however we remain cautiously optimistic of a good outcome.

Alpine Health CEO, Lyndon Seys said ‘Residents are in good spirits and have been very patient with the disruption to their lives. Residents are communicating with family and friends and we encourage the community to write letters to keep up communication.”

‘Staff in quarantine are being supported by Alpine Health and both residents and staff are receiving daily well-being checks.’ he said.

More information about Close Contacts  

►DHHS Factsheet - Close contacts



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