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Aboriginal artwork unveiled

aboriginal artwork unveiling

Photo: left to right: Judy Grossman (Bright CHAG Chair), Maddie Moser (artist), Rod Incoll (Board Member), Jerry Bitting (Wadeye community member), Sarah Fagan (Health Services Manager, Bright), Bernece Bitting (Wadeye community member), Rhonda Shallcross (Bright CHAG member) 

Alpine Health have commissioned three new pieces of Aboriginal artwork for each of our hospital sites. The first piece was unveiled at Bright Hospital on Friday 9th August, 2019. This coincided with International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. Alpine Health was pleased that many members of the Thamarrurr Youth Indigenous Corporation were able to attend the event. This organization operates in both Wadeye, NT and Bright, Vic and aims to improve the lives of the Indigenous people through education, training and skill development.

The new artwork is by Maddi Moser, a young Indigenous artist and teacher from Wodonga. Her work often combines contemporary materials and techniques with traditional motifs and symbols. For the Bright Hospital piece, Maddi worked with the Bright Community and Health Advisory Group (CHAG) to develop a piece of art that reflects both the Aboriginal connection to Country and the values of the broader Bright community. This artwork is now on display in the foyer of the Bright Hospital.

About the Artwork

Bright Welcome - ‘Batgalmun Gabi Mele Manggii’

This artwork depicts the different environments of Bright. These images have been used to allow us to reflect on the importance of spending time within natural spaces, both for our physical and mental health. The varying landscapes of Bright remind us of this. 

The flowing lines illustrate the rivers that connect the lands and its people through time. Water connects all of us and the water ways of Bright are used to symbolise this. Water is essential to life and has its own healing properties making it an appropriate visual representation of the role of health care in our lives.

The sweeping patterns also reflect our lives and the different paths we take. The past, present and future sit in the middle of the artwork to remind us of the many choices and opportunities that we have and how they can affect our lives both positively and negatively.

The sun symbolises good health and represents the warm and welcoming environment offered by the community of Bright. The small triangles represent the many options available to the Bright community to help support their health and lives. 





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