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Positive Ageing Expos: Empowering Older People to Enhance Quality of Life and Well-being

28 March 2024

positive ageing expo

As part of our commitment to supporting the well-being and quality of life of older people in our community, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming Positive Ageing Expos. These expos are designed to provide valuable information and resources to empower older people to lead fulfilling and healthy lives.

The Positive Ageing Expos will focus on understanding the services available to older people, enabling them to access the right support at the right time. From health and wellness services to social activities and community resources, attendees will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of options to enhance their well-being.

"We believe that every senior deserves to live a life filled with joy, purpose, and support," said Nick Shaw Chief Executive Officer  at Alpine Health. "The Positive Ageing Expos aim to connect older people with the services and resources that can help them lead fulfilling lives and age positively."

The expos will feature informative sessions, service booths showcasing a variety of services tailored to older peoples' needs. Whether you are looking for health services, social activities, or support with daily living, the Positive Ageing Expos will provide valuable insights and connections.

Join us at the FREE Positive Ageing Expos to discover how you can enhance your quality of life, well-being, and access the support you need at the right time. Together, let's empower older people to live their best lives.

  • Tuesday 16 April
  • 10.00am- 11.30am
  • Myrtleford Senior Citizens Centre
  • Register here - http://bit.ly/3TL7ZmR
  • Thursday 2 May
  • 10.00am- 11.30am
  • Bright Uniting Church (enter via Burke St)
  • Register here - http://bit.ly/3PtOWuy


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