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Bright Health Precinct Redevelopment

Media Release | 10 November 2021

Alpine Health has completed the Alpine Health Bright District Hospital and Health Service Feasibility Study. The Feasibility Study has received the endorsement of Alpine Health’s Board of Directors, recommending the preferred development option as the Bright Health Precinct model. The feasibility study has been completed with funding support of the State Government Rural Health Infrastructure Fund, and identifies a new aged care facility as the center piece of the precinct development.

The Bright Health Precinct will integrate the new aged care residential environment with acute, urgent care, medical and allied health services, together with the provision of health education to ensure critical health service to the Bright and district community. The Bright District Hospital Health Precinct Development seeks to establish health service security for the Bright and district community, providing for the first time for the Bright community a residential care facility built to high care and ageing in place standards.  The Bright Health Precinct proposes:

New Aged Care Facility built to high care ageing in place standards

A new 35 bed high care aged care facility with the potential of an additional 2 x 7 bed units to become a total of 49 aged care beds

Existing Hospital Refurbishment and Community / Allied Health Extension

Part refurbishment of the existing hospital bed based services and nursing facilities reconfiguring the nine acute rooms so they have private bathrooms and establishing a new palliative care suite, and additional extensions for a production kitchen (servicing in addition the new aged care facility) and community and allied health services to ensure the provision of an expanded range of allied and specialist services.

Hawthorn Village Re-adaption

Hawthorn Village will become vacant with the construction of the new aged care facility. The building will be adapted for re-use as a health education facility (supporting the activities of the Alpine Institute, Alpine Health’s Registered Training Organisation) and accommodation facility to support the provision of international nurse education and provide health worker accommodation.

Medical Centre

The potential for the co-location of medical services under a land lease / private capital investment model to provide connectivity and engagement of a full range of medical services within Alpine Health’s nurse led environments.

Next Steps

Alpine Health will continue with information gathering and getting feedback from stakeholders, community groups and the Bright and District community. We aim to present the information and feedback gathered and share to the community later in the year.

Quote attributable to Nick Shaw, CEO Alpine Health

“We look forward to working with the Bright and District community to bring this important project together and to highlight the needs of the Bright and district community”

More information

Nadine Peppler, Marketing & Communications | [email protected] | 0488 444 367

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